Staff & Leaders

Staff & Leaders

Our leaders are listed below together with their contact details:

Prophet Hope Khoza

Prophet Hope Khoza is the husband to Prophetess Robyn Khoza. He is the son of Prophet Passion Java and in charge of Kingdom Embassy South Africa. He also preachers in various African and Asian countries.

Prophet Passion Java

k Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Prophet Passion Java discovered at an early age that he possessed a super natural gift; the ability to see and interact with Angels. After assuming this was normal, he soon realized that this gift was more than a gift; it had uprooted a deeper desire to do God’s work. Winning souls and leading people to Christ became his mission. As he attended grade school, he became a voice amongst his peers and his…

Prophetess Lily Java

Prophetess Lily Java was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She moved to the United States in early 2000, with her parents and two older siblings. Prophetess Lily Java is married to the well known Prophet Passion Java, and together they have three beautiful boys: Lemuel Java, Raphael Java and Uriel Java. Lily Java was called by the Lord Jesus Christ to be a prophetess to the nations; one whom would operate with a strong apostolic anointing to establish…