Prophetic School

Prophetic School

The Kingdom Embassy SA Prophetic school aims to equip the saints with the ability to hear from God and interpret devine messages. Every person needs to operate in the gift of the prophetic to ensure that they are using each day in accordance with God’s will for their lives for the fullfilment of their purpose.


The school of the prophets was established by Prophet Samuel to protect the nation against corruption. It was designed to promote the mental and spiritual welfare of the youth and furnishing the nation with godly men equipped to lead spiritually. You can read more about this in 1 Samuel 19:18–24 and in 2 Kings 2:5

In 2 Kings 4:38–41 Elisha, whilst at Gilgal, miraculously changes an inedible stew into a edible dish for the group of prophets. He also multiplied 20 loaves for 100 people. They lived together as a community and were known as “sons of the prophets” who worshiped the Lord.

These men were likely leaders among those 7,000 Israelites who had not bowed down to Baal. They followed the teachings of Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha during the time of the prophets and were known as their “students.”

Thus, in likewise fashion, Kindom Embassy South Africa aims to unlock people in the prophetic and become leaders in their respective fields to the glory of Jesus Christ.

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How can one join the next training?

Prophetic Mentorship programs will soon be part of our events page on this websites, but for now you can always check out for the next one. The prophet hosts 3-4 each year so be sure to get trained as soon as possible.